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Welcome to EventBookr, your premier online gateway to the vibrant world of South African event planning and catering excellence. At the heart of our platform lies a deep commitment to simplifying the connection between world-class catering services and those organising memorable events. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, EventBookr stands as a trusted partner, curating a seamless and accessible bridge for event planners and hosts to discover and collaborate with top-tier caterers. By leveraging our innovative platform, we aim to elevate the event planning experience, ensuring every meal shared and memory created is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us at EventBookr, where exceptional events begin with extraordinary catering services.

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Boost Your Catering Business with EventBookr: The Ultimate Platform for Event Catering Services

At EventBookr, we celebrate the artistry and dedication behind your catering business. Our platform specialises in showcasing premier catering services to a wide audience of event planners, wedding organisers, and hosts looking to elevate their gatherings with exceptional culinary experiences. By partnering with us, your catering service gains unparalleled visibility among those seeking to impress their guests with delectable cuisine and impeccable service. Embrace the opportunity to expand your reach, connect with potential clients actively searching for top-tier catering solutions, and watch your business flourish. Join EventBookr today and become a part of a community that values quality, creativity, and unforgettable South African events.

How EventBookr Works: Simple Steps To Catering Success

  • Sign Up & Showcase:

    Create your personalised South Aferican catering business listing with stunning photos, compelling descriptions, and all the savory details of your catering services.

  • Connect with Clients:

    Receive direct inquiries and booking requests from a vast audience planning weddings, corporate events, private parties, and more. Event planners and wedding planners use our platform to find event service providers all over South Africa.

  • Get the online visibility that your catering business deserves:

    Benefit from our SEO-optimized platform, ensuring your catering business shines at the top of search engine results. Also benefit from ongoing social media campaigns on the EventBookr social media streams.

Benefits of Partnering Your Catering Company with EventBookr

  • Increased Visibility

    Leverage our SEO strategies to boost your presence online, making it easier for clients to find and choose your catering services.

  • Direct Leads

    Say goodbye to middlemen. Get direct access to clients, enabling better communication and more successful event planning. Without any commissions owed!

  • Compimentary Marketing From Our Platform

    Enjoy free online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and social media visibility at no cost.

  • Hassle Free Management

    Set up your venue listing in just 5 minutes and we’ll handle the rest. Easily manage and update your listing anytime through your account, in realtime.

Quick Facts About EventBookr

  • No commission fees on bookings – ever.
  • We offer Free listings and Premium Listings (coming soon).
  • You get direct communication to the event host or wedding planner.
  • Cancel your listing anytime directly on your profile.
  • Event Planners request quotations directly from you as the advertiser.
  • All booking confirmations and payments are handled between you and the event host.
  • Listing your business on EventBookr takes less than 5 minutes.
  • We will never display those annoying placement ads on our platform.